Sentinel Group Security

Sentinel Group Security was formed in July 2005 and became a fast-growing security services provider within the United Kingdom and Ireland.

We first partnered with our customers to provide specialised and effective security solutions. This list has grown since then and our business has evolved strategically and geographically.

At Sentinel, we pride ourselves on exceeding the security demands of different sectors to ensure satisfaction and peace of mind. We achieve this by providing diligent and quality work reviews combined with ongoing, compulsory staff training with our dedicated Training Academy. We work closely with our customers to understand their needs which enables us to implement a unique, yet cost effective solution that provides the utmost level of service, ensuring the safety and security of our customers and their assets.

SGS employs the best people in our industry to deliver exceptional security, intelligence, and technology solutions to our customers.

Our people come first; we recognise their exceptional work in a number of ways:

  • Managing health and safety effectively.
  • Set development goals on the basis of our customers’ needs.
  • Encourage individuals to act in our customers’ best interests.
  • Identify and nurture talent.
  • Recognise the good work with value awards.
  • People engagement sessions through focus group meetings.



  • SGS has always been committed. Most of growth came from our Unique Model in Security Services. We have achieved average 25% of growth in the last 15 Years of Excellence.
  • We believed in a true professional approach towards attaining the position where it can be bench-marked for security excellence within the security industry.
  • SGS has always adopted an innovative approach in its operational activities while providing services to our valued customers. SGS has managed large-scale customers nationwide.
Sentinel Group Security

Mission & Values

“Excellence in Security Services.” SGS Limited has always believed in a true professional approach towards attaining a position where it can be bench-marked for security excellence within the security industry.

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Our History

We first partnered with our customers in July 2005 to provide specialised security solutions. Find out how our strategic solutions have grown since then and how our business has evolved.

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The industry has recognised us for our consistent endeavors to provide end-to-end customised solutions that help our clients perform better and achieve high industry rankings.

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Our Approach

Our culture is built on the simple premise of adopting a ‘partnership approach’ with all our stakeholders. We work in partnership with organisations to deliver long-term value, offering security solutions based on actionable intelligence.


We have been recognised for the work we’ve done in delivering excellent security solutions. Our best practices and strategy for continuous improvement enable us to participate in a number of industry awards.

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Our Policies

We are committed to operate our business ethically and with integrity. Our commitment is underpinned by our Mission and Values which are reflected through our code of conduct. Find out more about our latest policies.

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