Construction Accreditation Focus with our MD, Graeme Brown

Construction Accreditation Focus with our MD, Graeme Brown

SGS are proud to have several accreditations associated with the construction industry, including:

  • Approved Contractor Scheme – a voluntary scheme designed by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) in consultation with representatives from across industry.  The main objective of the scheme is to raise performance standards in the Security Services sector by creating a framework for regulated businesses to develop and promote best practice.  All those who meet the standard are listed on the SIA register.
    Graeme Brown MBE, Managing Director
  • Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS) –  A significant industry scheme that promotes the benefits of effective Health and Safety within industries and business. CHAS helps clients (buyers) and contractors (suppliers) ensure compliance across the different areas of risk management, and mitigate risks across the supply chain
  • Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme (RISQS) Governed by the rail industry RISQS helps to ensure suppliers meet its efficiency, safety and sustainability objectives.  Accredited companies have to demonstrate they have the capabilities claimed, and the processes to apply their capabilities safely.
  • Constructionline Bronze, Silver and Gold – Used by the construction industry in the UK. The database is accessed by over 2000 organisations including central government, local authorities & main contractors all whom require you to be accredited before beginning the tender process. Being registered demonstrates to buyers that the organisation has been subjected to increased scrutiny around governance and risk management and helps both sides of the deal bypass typical problems associated with the tender process, saving everyone time and money. 

We caught up with our very own MD, Graeme Brown to find out why these are important to us and more importantly how they benefit our customers.

What do these accreditations mean for SGS?” 

Sentinel Group Security’s accreditation profile is a source of real pride to everyone in the company. The SGS team have worked so hard to acquire them and to embed them in our policies and processes to ensure compliance and sustainable services.  All of our employees have gained a very strong understanding of the professional standards required to retain these accreditations. We already had a professional level of operation, but what these accreditations give us is recognition that we consistently achieve this high level on a continual basis.

The accreditations have also improved our business confidence. This is because they tell us that we meet or indeed exceed UK construction industry requirements enabling us to build relationships and work with some of the best companies in terms of people management, health and safety, and quality standards.

The SGS team see the accreditation standards as a baseline on which to build. We have a programme of continuous improvement and innovation which helps us strive to be the best at what we do.  This, in turn, provides a platform that helps shape the industry we are in, as opposed to simply being a part of it. For us, this reinforces our success.

How have accreditations helped the business? 

Our accreditations provide the foundations to ensure our growth remains compliant and sustainable – they keep us focused and on track. As a business, I’m determined that we don’t tick boxes, rather we understand and embrace the underlying reason for accreditation.

Many companies approach accreditation and audit as a project, appointing teams to deliver desired outcomes.  At SGS we work hard to develop on this and incorporate our accreditations as an integral ongoing component of our business’s quality improvement plan. In a competitive market like security our accreditations help distinguish us, which increases opportunities which in turn helps us grow.

We have Pacesetters status within the Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS), which puts us in the top 15% of UK security companies, and an accreditation that has helped us go on to work on projects and new builds for the likes of HS2, Amey, and Hochtief.

What are the benefits to customers?

External validation through audit for accreditations provides an assurance with regards to quality as well as ensuring transparency for our customers. It tells them that we can ‘walk the walk’, as well as ‘talk the talk’. It gives our customers comfort, something less for them to worry about.

Compliance is a big issue, particularly in the construction industry. Firms we work for, because we’ve got these accreditations, know that they can trust that our services are externally audited and endorsed as compliant.

The final point I would make is about transparency. Going through the various accreditation processes shows that that we are happy to have our services scrutinised, happy to have how we operate investigated, so that we can learn, and our approach can be challenged. Being transparent ultimately builds a higher level of confidence in our industry.

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