Key considerations when outsourcing your security

Key considerations when outsourcing your security

According to the security industry partner IFSEC Global, there are over 300 Security Industry Authority (SIA) Approved Contractors operating in the UK. This makes the prospect of finding a reputable security outsourcing partner greater than ever before. Many businesses choose to outsource non-core activities such as maintenance or cleaning as these can generate savings on overheads which businesses would otherwise accrue were they to keep these commitments in-house. Economies of scale can enable providers to deliver services at a lower cost than running those services in-house.
This can of course apply to security services as well. There are several compelling reasons why outsourcing your security services to experts will benefit your business.

Cost Reduction
The main reason most businesses choose to outsource is that it avoids the start up and running costs. Employing, checking and training security guards to the level required by the SIA and the Private Security Industry Act 2001, standards that are endorsed by the police and insurance companies, can be expensive. As mentioned above economies of scale can enable security providers to deliver services at a lower cost than running those services in-house.

Liability Risk
Employing the services of an outsourced guarding provider redistributes some liability risk from yourselves to the security company. Of course, your guard will be trained to avoid risks and prevent incidents, but should anything go wrong, the security company’s insurance is well placed to cover any potential costs. A guard is therefore a good investment if your insurance is ill equipped to cover the costs of legal assistance, for example.

Business Focus
The arguments for outsourcing security are the same as those for facilities management, logistics and other high cost non-core areas of the business. The reduction in head count, removing the need to supply equipment, uniforms, training and other tasks related to staffing in an area that may not be familiar to your team. This frees you up for focusing on the jobs that will help your business progress.

External security providers serving a number of clients across a range of industries have a considerable amount of experience and are prepared for any security eventuality or requirement. They can call on the expertise and resources of an entire organisation rather than a single department within a company. This benefits customers as they can be assured that their security function can adapt to a continuously changing security landscape.
In selecting your outsourced security partner, you should be looking for a constant dialogue about your requirements. External security providers can deliver flexible and most importantly scalable solutions that in-house security might struggle to match. If, for instance, extra security officers are required in response to a specific threat or event (such as the visit of a dignitary), they can be drawn from other areas of the business. Whether you are an existing user of security officers, or you are new to the world of manned security solutions, Sentinel Group Security can meet all your security personnel needs as well as meet and surpass your expectations – because we thrive on providing an effective, personalised service to each of our clients.

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