Specialist security solution for post Coronavirus working

We all accept that post lockdown working environments will be different:

As a society, the UK has gone through a rapid change as a result of the  Coronavirus pandemic.  Measures imposed to control the spread of the virus have impacted us all at home and work.   Many challenges remain and it is clear that some measures to control the spread of the virus will be required for a considerable period of time.  In terms of the work environment, there are three key elements that we see as affecting our future work arrangements:

  • Social distancing will remain necessary and need to be monitored
  • Effective processes and monitoring will be required to ensure a safe environment for employees whilst maximising output.
  • The experience of working from home may precipitate a change to working practices with more companies favouring this approach to business.

In an ideal world we will be going back to work whilst keeping our staff, suppliers and clients safe.

The question is how this will be achieved?  Guidelines for companies going back to work are likely to include the following:

  • Reduced occupancy in buildings
    • Larger gaps between desks/seats
    • Virtual Conferencing
  • Higher proportion of working from home
  • Keeping the Social Distance model whilst queuing for access control, coffee machines, toilets, canteen
  • Testing of staff and visitors
  • More cashless vending
  • Removal/replacement of biometric access control

To help you on your journey back to full productivity, we help to facilitate the following services;

Security Officers to perform temperature testing of all staff and visitors:

  • Handheld IR digital thermometer
  • Static sensor displaying data to reception
  • Use of sanitiser at entrance/exit/reception
  • Marking distances to maintain 2 metres and floor signage
  • Encouraging use of sanitiser
  • Rope and banner barriers to provide clear queuing procedures
  • Providing additional cleaning and deep cleaning
  • Providing Perspex screens
  • Staff abuse in retail and queue management – Waiting, weather, frustration, availability
  • Additional building patrols to prevent large groups gathering and encourage building users to maintain distancing in queues
  • Traffic marshalling
  • Portering services