Preparing for a security tender process

Preparing for a security tender process

Preparing for a security tender process

We have talked in previous blogs about the advantages of outsourcing security services. These are often outsourced as public and private sector companies want to utilise the expertise and experience that a dedicated security company provides while not having the direct costs of employing security staff and the associated equipment. Having a clear tender process with key indicators that enable you to sort between the competing offers and arrive at the best option for your business is vital.

  • Structure

Will your tender be split into different lots or will all services be grouped together? Can the bidders demonstrate how they will deliver efficiencies if awarded the whole package? What savings will this show you, and what additional value do they offer? If you are dividing up the security contract into individual lots will this deliver better value than a bigger contract?

  • Site Visits

If possible, security tender documentation should suggest that prospective bidders visit the site, or sites involved. Site visits provide an excellent opportunity to ask for the bidders to understand your business and gives you and your team the opportunity to view the people you may be working with up close. You can learn a lot from how they approach a site visit and how that reflects in their tender.

  • Quality Control

Understanding the quality procedures and accreditations that those bidding for your security tender have will give an instant comparison between companies and help weed out those who are not up to the mark. The SIA Approved Contractor scheme and NSI guarding gold certification are clear indicators of the quality of a security company. Accreditation to the latest ISO9001:2015 which focuses on customer service standards and CHAS which tells you about their health and safety standards both build a picture of the professionalism you need in a security partner.

  • Health & Safety

Another good measure of a prospective security partner is looking at their health and safety provisions. Can they demonstrate staff training and qualifications in Health & Safety such as safe working, lone working, FPOS (first person on the scene) and First Aid? How do they keep staff up to date with new guidance, and communicate site-specific requirements? The final crucial point is references and testimonials. Where have they worked before? Who are their existing clients? Do they have experience in your industry sector? Sentinel Group Security (SGS) has worked with many companies since their formation in 2005 and work closely with our customers to understand their needs which enables us to implement a unique, yet cost-effective solution that provides a high level of service, ensuring the safety and security of our customers and their assets. To learn more about SGS, or to discuss your security tender please get in touch.


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