Trends in security

Trends in security

Trends in security

Security continues to evolve. People remain a vital part of the solution however the improved access to information and intelligence that advances in technology offer means that security officers can now be deployed on-site proactively rather than being restricted to the Security Desk.

Access Control

Being in control of who can gain admittance, and when and where, to a building is time-consuming and challenging. In new buildings swipe cards and door readers are commonplace but older buildings can be fitted with the latest access control solution.

Encrypted electronic keys have been part of the automotive world for some years, and the same principle is now being used for suited, padlocks and cylinder locks. A suited lock is one of a number which is made to be operated by more than one key. This ensures that the key will only open the locks it is programmed to, and at the times that the employee should be on site.

For example, when out of hours deliveries are made to stores. Regular store staff is not present, but the delivery team needs access to several premises on the route for that night and only that night.

Monitoring and programming can be carried out remotely via a desktop application, meaning lost keys and personnel changes no longer pose a security risk. All of this can be managed by SGS from our National Operations Centre.

Simplifying Parking

A lot of time and personnel effort can go into patrolling and managing car parks and controlling vehicle access to the site. This is another area where technology offers a solution. ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) systems can restrict access to barrier-controlled parking areas.

Network Rail limit entrance to their maintenance yards to vehicles on a “white list” meaning that deliveries can be made without a member of staff having to be present.

In an office setting ANPR controlled parking can mean that only the number of spaces required for staff and the expected visitors need to be rented, saving money over an unmonitored car park.

Electronic counters on barriers mean that when all parking spaces are occupied no further cars are admitted until space becomes vacant. Induction loops sense the presence of a vehicle and open or close a gate as required.

Future Developments

The internet of things (IoT), embedded computers in everyday objects, will influence security over the next few years. Being able to interrogate your door entry remotely to allow access for deliveries, monitoring movements in and around buildings, and recognition systems will all add to the security company’s arsenal.

SGS will remain abreast of technology and will utilise the best of it to enhance our team of security officers to provide our clients with the best and most appropriate solution for their site. Get in touch to learn more about how we can help your business.


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