Optimal Security for Outsourced Security Services within Supply Chains

Optimal Security for Outsourced Security Services within Supply Chains

In today’s retail division, having a professional and efficient security team is vital for maintaining a smooth-running service, providing maximum security to protect company assets while causing minimum disruption to the critically timed stock deliveries. Being a leading provider of bespoke outsourced security solutions, with a UK reach, we at Sentinel Group Security (SGS), can offer our experienced team with a strategic approach to outsourcing managed security service. Providing operational efficiency, we free up time for businesses to focus on other areas.

 Focusing on Specialised Outsourced Security Services to Optimise Operational Productivity

At SGS we work with each individual customers requirements to produce a bespoke package based on job specifications, integrating with ease into clients’ operations. This security approach allows us to provide not only an uninterrupted logistics escort security, but also to optimise and continually improve on service. Our manned security and security escort service solutions are overseen by our highly experienced management and supervisory teams, with multiple years’ experience within the industry, providing continuous solutions and improvements, enhancing overall productivity.

 24 Hour Dedicated Security Escort Services

SGS provides dedicated security escort services, working to ensure the safe transit of your goods 24 hours a day. Our service is designed to ensure safe transit, particularly during out-of-hours periods when there is often heightened vulnerabilities and risk of threats and disruptions. Crucial consideration to the transportation and successful delivery of high-value items or large volumes of stock, we facilitate with seamless delivery and a smooth start to the business day. This hands-on service, also enables store teams to focus their efforts on customer facing roles.

 Enhanced Security Covering all Eventualities

 Our Security Officers go beyond traditional security duties. Trained in both customer service and operational logistics, their additional skills allow them to bolster rather than hinder the logistical processes, working alongside your delivery team to ensure optimal service.  By providing officers with dual-role capabilities, schedules and continuity of supply chain operations can be delivered with ease.

Streamlining Production with Integrated Security Services and Solutions

Working within the manufacturing sectors, we aim to provide a service with an uninterrupted flow to the delivery of materials, maintaining the production schedules and operational efficiency of your company. As we focus on your individual needs and integrate our expert teams to support your operations, we structure our processes and procedures to work alongside your team, minimising production downtime and maximising efficiency.

A Case Study in Comprehensive Security Integration

One ongoing contract we have with a major UK retailer is a great example of the benefits of our integrated security services. Utilising our officers in roles including front of house, escorting, key holding and incident response, our service spans from their head officer to stores locations throughout the UK and Ireland. With the introduction of a Dedicated Account Manager, we worked to further tailor the service for the individual requirements, assisting with a successful ongoing partnership.

Advantages of Outsourcing Security Services

 There are numerous benefits gained from outsourcing managed security services to SGS, including improved customer service and satisfaction. By having your deliveries securely transported during out-of-hours, you can ensure that stock in always replenished in-store with minimal disruption to the service delivery. Having deliveries during store opening times can often disrupt and take the onsite staff from their customer facing roles. This efficiency boosts customer satisfaction and allows store teams to focus on enhancing the customer experience.

In addition, by utilising outsourced managed security services, it leads the way to significant cost reductions. By facilitating out-of-hours deliveries, we reduce congestion and lower fuel costs. Optimising delivery schedules also means fewer vehicles are required, leading to lower operational costs and significant financial savings annually.


In conclusion, by partnering with SGS, outsourcing managed security services, you can ensure the safety and optimised efficiency of your business from one of the leading security providers in the UK. Utilising our bespoke services, set out in accordance with your specifications, your operations will be secure and improved, with additions and suggestions integrated in our plan, always striving for continuous improvement. With our collaboration and support, we can allow you additional time to focus on your customer satisfaction. Integrating our security solutions around your needs, we not only protect your goods and services but also enhance the productivity and efficiency of your staff, providing a competitive edge in the fast-paced retail market.

Businesses looking to secure their supply chains while boosting operational efficiency should consider the strategic benefits of the outsourced security services we can offer.

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