The 12 Pains of Christmas

The 12 Pains of Christmas

The 12 Pains of Christmas

As an experienced estate, facilities or security manager you would have already thought and prepared for the Christmas period, ensuring you are prepared for every eventuality. See our list of security pains over the festive period to make sure you have not missed anything:

  1. Theft – Having a trusted security partner can help avoid external theft or internal pilfering. A visible security presence on a retail site will deter shoplifters as well.  Learn more

  2. Fire & First Aid – In the event of a fire, having your security officers double as fire marshals mean you have clear heads in charge of your staff safety. Supplementing their skills with first aid and first response means that they protect more than your buildings.  Learn more

  3. Decorations – If you have festive lights up at home or in your business premises then consider using a timer to give the impression you are in the building.

  4. Vacant Property Checks – If your business premises are going to be empty for the whole holiday period it pays to have an SGS officer check that everything is secure and safe. Learn more

  5. Absence Cover – Your Christmas holiday will be greatly enhanced by knowing that your security provider has any absences by your regular officers covered with equally experienced and well-trained staff. Learn more

  6. Frozen pipes – If the building is going to be empty for a period, check for leaks, and perhaps turn off the water supply. Coming back to a flood would not make for a happy new year. Of course, if SGS is checking your building you would get advanced warning of a problem.

  7. Lone working – With many companies operating on a skeleton staff over Christmas keeping those working on their own safe is vital. SGS has the answer, MiSentinel. Learn more

  8. Perimeter Security – Fences, gates, walls, and hedges all need to be checked to make sure that there are no weak points in your security.

  9. Remote Buildings – Lock your garage, check windows are secure on warehouses and perhaps consider CCTV or other technology. Learn more  

  10. Presents – Don’t leave your shopping on display in your car, or leave presents under the tree in full view, burglary increases by 60% in December. If you have bought a bike as a present, get a good quality lock for it as well.

  11. Keys – Don’t hide the keys to your property, the Grinch can check under plant pots too. SGS Response Officers can hold keys and respond to alarms. Learn more

  12. Enjoy the break – Peace of Mind is a great aid to relaxation. With a reliable security partner in place, you can be sure that your business, your buildings, and your people are safe and secure over Christmas and the new year. Learn more

    We hope you have found our guide to potential security issues interesting. if any of them have inspired you to consider another element or two, why not give us a call? We can support you with any security problem from advice through surveys and technological solutions to ad hoc security personnel. Call us on 0208 514 6565, have a happy Christmas and a peaceful new year.

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